SPS provides its services and solutions to a number of markets and industries ranging from publishing to aerospace to pharmaceuticals. These services and solutions are designed to render a significant positive difference to its customers’ businesses. SPS is constantly exploring newer and newer opportunities to broaden its canvas and is open to hitherto exploring the unchartered territories.


The services and solutions for the conventional and contemporary requirements of publishing at SPS cover the entire gamut of activity. SPS understands the differences between various publishing businesses, their needs, and provides services that are custom made. SPS works with some of the world’s largest publishers and has also nurtured good relationships with smaller publishers, thereby being the preferred choice for various publishers.

SPS has the expertise to handle STM, non-STM including HSS, and academic books/journals. It has extensive experience in single source publishing workflow that enables multi-channel publishing – including POD and ebooks. Our end-to-end solutions help publishers maximize value of their content. We specialize in Project Management services for book production. Journal-specific style and language requirements for each journal are maintained in a document management system (DMS). Innovations such as XML driven copyediting tool - auto edit, auto reference structuring, auto pagination, and auto image processing help improve quality and efficiency. To find out how SPS can help, please contact: M. Venkatesan Phone: +91-44-42197750 Fax : +91-44-42197763 Email :
SPS offers end-to-end solutions for magazine production designed to meet the client’s requirements in a quality-driven, cost-effective manner. SPS provides comprehensive layout and advertisement designing to meet the unique requirements of the magazine production process. SPS has requisite experience in developing customized workflows to improve the turnaround time and to reduce the costs. SPS currently provides these services for more than 40 magazines. The expertise in SPS covers:
  • Advertising creation
  • Advertising archiving/management
  • Integration of various parts and processes of the editorial workflow
  • Global remote access to the content by authors, designers, and publishers
  • Multi-user, simultaneous content editing in the same layout
  • Editing in a layout view or without any layout
  • Targeted search inside the current and previous issues
  • Web Editor for remote editorial offices
  • Web-based administration
To find out how SPS can help, please contact: M. Venkatesan Phone: +91-44-42197750 Fax : +91-44-42197763 Email :
SPS has specialized services for creation and delivery of education and trade eBooks. SPS is familiar with all the leading formats, such as ePub, OeB, Lit, and so on. The eBook services rendered at SPS include:
  • Scanning – Services for scanning and digitization of print books for conversion into eBooks.
  • Conversion –Conversion services of content into appropriate eBook format as per the customer requirements.
  • Testing – Services for testing the integrity of the eBooks
  • Format conversion – eBook format conversion services for clients who need to convert their books from one format to another.
To find out how SPS can help, please contact: M. Venkatesan Phone: +91-44-42197750 Fax : +91-44-42197763 Email :