SPS has a very professional and modern infrastructure that supports the professional needs of employees, but is also focused on the security and integrity of a customer’s content even though it is being processed offshore. IT infrastructure includes consolidation of applications to eliminate duplication of services, centralizing data sets, streamlining backup and disaster recovery processes . SPS has six offices in India, which are self sufficient with their own dedicated servers and user workstations that are connected via a structured local area network (LAN). The servers and central network equipment are housed in dedicated server rooms which have restricted and controlled access to ensure security. Our well mirrored server structure helps us handle any adversities with ease. The six offices are interconnected via high-speed fiber optic cables and designed on the “Ring” topology, to provide full redundancy and ensure business continuity. Each office has its own dedicated Internet line whose high bandwidth offers greater speed and uninterrupted global connectivity. We have a robust information, perimeter and email security management system to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability. Our security architecture is multi-layered .
SPS recognizes security – both physical and information- as the key foundation of its business. SPS has 24×7 physical security, which is a combination of uniformed guards, access control systems, building management systems, and closed circuit cameras at each facility. The information security at SPS is also multilayered. Some of the approaches used for information security at SPS are:
  1. User authentication
  2. Hierarchical and controlled access
  3. Encryption
  4. IP authentication
  5. Firewalls
  6. Internal proxy servers
  7. External proxy servers
  8. Antivirus protection
  9. Anti-spamming protection
  10. Software asset management At SPS we recognize that security is an ongoing activity and constantly monitor against any external/internal threats and weaknesses. SPS has a well laid out disaster management and recovery program in place to ensure business continuity.