This approach makes SPS very unique and enables it derive maximum customer satisfaction on a sustained basis.

To deliver high quality services on time and every time is dependent on having robust systems and processes in place and at SPS they are part of everyday life. Our systems approach helps us compete effectively in the global market and remain a viable business entity. They are designed for flexibility, change and continuous improvement – a Holistic approach. Innovation is our catalyst to growth and an integral part of our approach.
We understand that to deliver the best, providing the best tools is the keystone. Our work culture creates a unique amalgam of technology, training, efficiency, and automation. We have a dynamic internal software development team that serves as the backbone and is pivotal in delivering quality on time and every time. The tools are highly sophisticated and require minimal manual intervention across various aspects of work. The workflow management and production management systems at SPS enable its people to focus on their core work. These database driven systems cover job intake, production tracking, invoicing, HR and MIS. SPS currently has been in the process of unveiling the next generation of "Production Management System" that will offer features far beyond the current market levels. You can find out more about some of the tools/solutions in the Offerings – Technology Solutions section.
"An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage". Jack Welch "Our" people are our greatest strength and this is our competitive advantage. At SPS we offer quality work life that provides personal and professional satisfaction, pride and mutual respect. We strongly believe that the achievements of our organization are the result of the combined effort of every individual. By fostering a positive work environment, employee involvement, reward and recognition systems we are able to engage and empower them – a key element to success. We value the intellectual capital our people bring to work with them each day and thus our edge lies in keeping our employees happy. This is reflected in SPS’s ability to maintain its attrition levels at par with industry average. Life at SPS is not just work but has another side buzzing with activities such as sports, cultural events, quizzes and competitions. The entire SPS family participates vigorously in these activities. Here are some glimpses into them.
The quality assurance at SPS is not a standalone activity but is integrated into every stage, every department and every individual. Owing to the dynamic and ever changing nature of our business, we have evolved our own mechanism to ensure quality. The quality of our work is reflected in high customer satisfaction – a most frequently collected indicator of market perception. All our customers periodically review our service and rate us based on standard parameters and we are always among the top. Every department is composed of industry as well as process experts since we endlessly endeavour to maintain international quality standards. We improve continuously and seek pragmatic solutions in order to fulfill customer's needs. Quality is not just our organizational motive, but a way of life. Our quality is litmus tested, that we gain positive word-of-mouth marketing, from our loyal customers, which is highly effective.
SPS believes in developing employees through a process of strategic and persistent training for personal development, career enhancement, succession planning and achievement of organizational goals. Hence we support individuals' requisite to magnify their personal and professional prospects by providing opportunities for training. Our extensive training programs on skill development enable employees to improve their efficiency and acquire the knowledge to do jobs effectively. Throughout a career at SPS, we make a commitment to develop our people through training. Our training focuses on:
  • Fresher orientation – Corporate insight
  • Functional training program – develops basic skills for career enhancement
  • Soft skills program – to develop the leadership skills for those who are taking their first step into a leadership role Our training methodologies are:
  1. Instructor-led
  2. On the job
  3. E-learning (Learning Management Solution)
At SPS security is a strategic approach that is founded on a solid, holistic framework encompassing all of our information security requirements. We ensure that the components of our security architecture addresses all critical business information and are driven by the requirements of the business. We continuously strive to plan better,execute and manage our multi-layered architecture and IT initiatives. Security is not an afterthought, rather planned into project design, which helps us maintain confidentiality and integrity. Our IT architecture is robust with up-to-date security policy, standards and guidelines, which have been formulated to address the evolving threat landscape.